SAIMechE Strategic Collaboration Partnership

Partnering for Success

SAIMechE and MECAD Technologies have partnered to revolutionise the engineering industry in South Africa by connecting talent with innovative opportunities.

Driving innovation

A partnership that connects talent

The strategic collaboration partnership between SAIMechE and MECAD Technologies is about more than recruitment – it is about creating a vibrant engineering community. 

Leveraging MECAD Technologies’ expertise and SAIMechE’s vast network, we offer job seekers diverse opportunities while providing companies with specialised recruitment services to find top talent.

This collaboration opens new pathways for professionals and businesses, fostering innovation and growth in the South African engineering sector.

We are committed to supporting engineers at every career stage, working together to build a stronger, more connected community.

Enabling engineers and companies

Our benefits

Through the SAIMechE Careers Portal, members can access a wide range of engineering job opportunities. This platform is designed to connect talent with leading companies in South Africa.

Our partnership allows you to build meaningful relationships with industry leaders, providing opportunities for collaboration and career advancement.

Companies benefit from MECAD Technologies' specialised recruitment services, helping them find the right candidates to drive their business forward.

Whether you're a job seeker or a business, our partnership provides access to valuable resources and support. From career advice to talent acquisition, we're here to help you succeed. 

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Be part of the SAIMechE and MECAD Technologies strategic collaboration partnership. Join the Careers Portal to explore engineering opportunities, build industry connections, and access specialised recruitment services.

Whether you’re seeking new roles or looking to hire top talent, we’re here to help.